PromoBullit is Canada's fastest growing Promotional Product Search Engine. Why? Because PromoBullit is prodominantly Canadian friendly. Meaning almost all of the products displayed in our search engine are F.O.B Canada. Therefore no surprises for our Distributor subscribers or their clients. All product pricing is landed in Canada; no additional duty charges.

PromoBullit has a large Distributor subscription base made up of Canada's largest, smallest and all in between. Our Distributors subscribe to PromoBullit because it works. PromoBullit is reliable, fast and generates sales from their websites.

Suppliers love having their products represented in PromoBullit because they get results. With average traffic figures like 8,000,000+ product views every month it is very easy for a Supplier to justify becoming a Subcriber.

But there's way more than just getting product into our Search Engine. Total control over your product plus instantaneous traffic information on each individual product. As a Supplier Subscriber, you will be granted access to your own Supplier DashBoard. From your DashBoard you control product, add Flyers, Virtual Catalogues etc.

With many more wonderful features that are geared towards generating sales leads...more


The Corporation, owners of PromoBullit, are proud to have been serving Canada's Promotional Product Industry for over 15 years. Throughout our existence we've had the privilege of building thousands of eStores for our customers. We'd love the opportunity to work with you. Whether your needs are a Custom-Built eStore for a special program or a smaller application which you create yourself, we have you covered.

Custom eStores:

If your requirement is elaborate and you are in need of our programming skills, just leave it in our hands and we will create the entire eStore for you.

Comfortable with creating your own eStores? With PromoBullit's eStore Platform it is so simple to create your own eStore; from start to finish in literally minutes.

So what ever your requirements & PromoBullit are available to assist. Be it for   Fund-raising, Booking programs, Libraries, Schools, Sports Leagues, Corporate programs, Reward & Recognition, Uniforms... etc more

The Market Mash eMagazine/l'Image de Marque is received and read by thousands of End Users every month.

Market Mashs' (MM) purpose is to inform Canada and keep the promotional products industry top of mind with Canadian buyers of promotional products for their organizations. Recipients of MM are employees of Canadian corporations who either purchase or have the influence to purchase promotional products for their organizations.  

MM educates consumers on trends, sales promotion tips, how-to articles and a wonderful aray of promotional product which are selected to appear in each issue.

BuildYourBrand/l'Image de Marque is a personalized version of MM for all of our Mash, Pro and ProPlus Distributor Level subscribers.
It carrys the same exclusive articles and beautifully displayed promotional products as MarketMash/l'Image de Margue emagazine with a very distrinctive difference; BuildYourBrand/L'image de Marque is personalized with each of our Distributor subscribers' logo and contact information. This is exciting because our Distributors use this publication to distribute to their clients and prospects every month. It's a great Idea and Sales Lead generator.... more


PromoBullit is a division of the Corporation. has been an internet software provider since 1998. Uducat's original claim to fame was a fully functional and affordable editing tool for every new website built on the Uducat platform. The name of our administrative engine was called the UDUAdmin, Site Manager. It managed all sectors of our customers' websites; including their on-line product catalogue. I know you're thinking big woop, but back in 1998 we were one of the very few organizations offering this capability at an affordable price and the UDUAdmin is still being used today.

Over the years we have developed several other successful programs. For example, a state of the art on-line product cataloging engine with features like, multiple options, currency and language support. We currently maintain a database of over 300,000 products; with a 95.9% current year accuracy status.

During our tenure we've built thousands of websites and have been responsible for creating several other useful and inovative internet software packages.